ConCorEx for Unilever

For the largest foods laboratory of Unilever (1500 employees in 14 departments) ConCorEx has established and implemented an integrated quality for the entire organisation. The system is set up against the latest standards (ISO 22000) and can be expanded to the GLP standard when required.

British Telecom

For Customer Service Direct, a joint venture between British Telecom local authorities in Suffolk, ConCorEx has developed and implemented a standardised method to monitor projects and performance indicators. Through this approach it has become possible to more clearly implement the chose business strategy and periodically review the results.

Ola / Ben & Jerry’s

With the transfer of the production of Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream from Vermont (USA) to Ola Productie in The Netherlands ConCorEx has successfully implemented the state-of-the-art quality system of Ben & Jerry’s in the Ola organisation. Next to this ConCorEx also facilitated an efficient integration of the quality system in the TPM approach at the site.

ir. Rob A.G. Kooijmans MSc

Since 1996 Rob Kooijmans has gained a lot of experience in strategic change and he is the founder and  managing partner of ConCorEx: Consultants in Corporate Excellence. Rob delivered big projects for multionationals, local government en SME including Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s, British Telecom, Suffolk County Council, Ola and more.


Rob graduated in Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology and followed an  in-company MBA education at the prestigious IMD Lausanne in Switzerland.  Next to this he is a qualified EFQM Facilitator and a graduate of the Franklin Covey Institute.

Wat klanten zeggen

‘Rob provided the professional know-how to help the organisation move from a reactive to a strategic approach to business, assisting in the transformation from a local government to a commercial mindset. His legacy was to leave a rigourous, pragmatic and effective style of strategy setting.’

Rocco Labellarte, Director of Operations, LGSS

‘Rob is a strategic thinker and team player. Due to his commitment and attention to detail we developed cascaded business plans for all the departments within this Joint Venture.’

Emma Woodley-Fisher, Managment Consultant , CGI

‘Rob was strongly focussed on quality and outcomes, seeking to fix root causes of problems and in developing new thinking and tools.’

Graham Beamish, Principal Consultant, CSD

‘I worked with Rob for several years during my time with Farm Frites as we cross-functionally managed global accounts. Rob is a true professional with an uncompromising high level of intergrity. He is highly intellectual and has a solid understanding of the business environment. He is customer-centric, and is able to use his skills to engage his customers and colleagues into a win-win scenario for all parties, both strategically but also to deliver in the short-term. Last but not least, his international experience, coupled with his open-mindedness, has developed his ability to work effectively and with empathy in a cross-cultural environment. ’

Martin Rohleder, Executive Director, Sealed Air Corp.